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New Custom Build (Garage)

Project Type



Trent Hills, Ontario

3,500 sq. ft | 10 Car Garage | 2 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom

Built on 2.5 acres, this proposal fulfils the key wish of the client to have a separate garage with living space above for recreational use. Standing alone as a separate entity from the main residential unit, this design elevates the conventionally utilitarian garage and honours the client’s desire to store and showcase his growing collection of cars.

The ground level consists of a voluminous layout with a ceiling height of 12’, which can accommodate up to 10 cars, and the upper level contains two bedrooms and an office in response to the client’s specified needs. This space takes advantage of the pitched roof volume with a ceiling height of 9’ to create a generous space where the flow of everyday life becomes enjoyable.

Simple Functional
Monochromatic Design.

To convey a sense of simplicity, the material palette combines classic and contemporary elements with refined details. The exterior is wrapped in aluminium panels with vertical corrugations, the standing seam metal roof has clean and simple lines that bring lightness to the structure, and each fenestration is framed with black trim. The incorporation of a brick detail adds a subtle yet elegant character to the design.

The overall colour palette is monochromatic, yet, it allows the proposed unit to stand out in the lush surrounding. With its district form, it can be easily identified as a contemporary addition to the existing residence.
The proposed design ultimately aims to provide seclusion, privacy, and a sense of retreat sought by the client for his recreational purposes.

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